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Connecting Audiences

Help bring new ideas into the world and improve people’s lives by connecting
audiences to products in the Conscious Partners Marketplace.
For Influencers
For Influencers

Do you have an audience but are struggling to generate revenue to invest back into growth? Or do you find yourself not aligned with many of the existing tools that exist to monetize your audience? Introducing the Conscious Partners Marketplace - a curated marketplace of products and services that improve mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. The offerings are made available exclusively to partners that want to join the mission to raise people’s consciousness.

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For Media Buyers

Instead of having your own audience, are you an expert at building them from the digital media tools available at your disposal? Do you live and breath marketing funnels, but find it a challenge to align your superpowers with your desire to bring positive change to the world?

Many of the products and services in the Conscious Partners Marketplace are open to having experts in their field join the mission and help put these products into the hands and hearts of the masses. These offerings are vetted by our team to have good conversion rates and strong payouts.

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For Media Buyers

Our Technology


Joining the Conscious Partners Marketplace is more than just connecting influencers and media buyers with products and services that improve mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. We are also building a suite of technologies into the Marketplace to make this interaction between audiences and offerings more effective as we strive to get closer towards the holy grail of marketing: connecting the right person with the right message at the right time.

We are also building out technology that measures the impact the products and services have on the people that use them. This core technology is important because it will:

  • help product innovators understand ways to improve their offerings
  • provide data to allow Conscious Partners to curate better offerings
  • allow the influencers and media buyers we work with to get an understanding of the impact being created in the world

Want to talk about our technology? Contact us to learn more. For developers interested in contributing to this technology platform as it evolves over time, check out our career opportunities.

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Interested in helping to connect innovative, best-in-class products and services to engaged audiences from around the world? Connect with us and let’s explore how we can work together.