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Are you an I​nnovator​?
Do you have a product or service that you need help developing its ​digital narrative​? Or are you struggling to ​connect to a larger audience​ so you can bring your offering to the world? Learn more about how the ​Conscious Partners Agency ​can help you build a narrative and grow your sales.
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Are you a Digital Media expert?
Do you live and breathe ​marketing funnels​? Or do you find it a challenge to align your superpowers​ with your desire to bring positive change to the world? Learn more about how you can bring new ideas into the world and improve people’s lives by building audiences for products in the ​Conscious Partner Marketplace.
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Do you just want to stay in touch?

Keep in touch with us to learn some of the exciting new changes coming about in digital media, hear more about our mission, and other exciting news.

Also, get a copy of our 2018 digital marketing trends report so you can stay in front of the wave:

Who We Are

Conscious Partners’ purpose is to measure the impact of marketing and promote content, products and services that improve people’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

We are building the Conscious Partners Marketplace that leverages technology to create a data-based feedback loop so people can understand the impacts of what they consume. With that, individuals can be connected to new content, products and services in accessible ways that empower them to live more fulfilled and happy lives.

Not all products and services are ready to join the Marketplace, and so we also have a full-service agency to allow innovators to get their messages to the world. The Conscious Partners Agency will develop narratives, run data-driven marketing experiments, build out marketing funnels, and other bespoke services to develop our partners to the point where they can scale up in the Marketplace.

Conscious Partners is a portfolio company of ​Conscious Thought Revolution,​ whose mission is to accelerate the evolution of consciousness by building and investing in technology companies aligned towards this objective.

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